Housing Programs


 Shelter Plus Care

The Shelter Plus Care program provides long term rental assistance and case management for homeless persons with disabilities. To be eligible for the WDDC’s Shelter Plus Care program, a woman must:

  • have a documented disability (serious mental illness, chronic problems with alcohol and/or drugs, or HIV or AIDS)
  • be homeless (living in emergency shelter or transitional housing for homeless people or in places not intended for human habitation)
  • be willing to participate in case management services, including home visits.

Please contact a Housing Case Manager at 510-548-2884 for more information about the program.

Housing Stabilization

The WDDC’s Housing Stabilization Program provides up to 18 months of rental subsidy for families. To be eligible for the program, a woman must:

  • have a documented disability or issue on which she’s willing to work (domestic violence, substance abuse, mental health issue, dual diagnosis, or HIV/AIDS)
  • be able to and willing to work or to get the training/education needed for employment
  • be willing to work with a case manager
  • be able to afford market rate rent after a period of 18 months

Housing Retention

The Housing Retention Program provides grants to eligible Berkeley residents facing eviction. These grants allow individuals and families to pay overdue rent to maintain their housing. An Applicant to the Berkeley Housing Retention Program must:

  • Be at risk of losing permanent housing;
  • Have a dated Notice of Eviction from landlord stating amount owed for back rent.
  • Have a have verifiable income. Monthly income must support monthly expenses.
  • Have rent that is not more than 80% of applicant’s (household’s) income.
  • Have a signed rental agreement or other documentation that verifies applicant’s tenancy and monthly rent.
  • Need the grant to prevent an eviction.