Bridget House

u=bhBridget House Transitional Program opened January 12, 2004, in the Berkeley, CA. The program provides 6 months housing for four families consisting of a mother and up to two children under the age of ten. The mothers have a history of domestic violence and/or drug or alcohol addiction.

Participants of the Bridget House Transitional Program work to establish self-sufficiency in weekly case management and have the opportunity of building peer support in mastering new skills and in developing greater stability in parent-child relationships. Bridget House staff provides a nurturing environment from which to foster the process of change in treating the family system.

Successful graduates of Bridget House will have improved their job skills through training or work experience so that they can attain stable housing in the community.

Bridget House Vision

Renewing, restoring, and transforming the lives of women and children struggling with homelessness, domestic violence and addiction.

Bridget House Mission

To support the inherent talents and skills within each mother and child who lives at Bridget House. To be a place of opportunity, to nourish visions of a stable and self-sufficient future, to transform vision into reality.

We welcome your questions and referrals. Please contact us at (510) 548-2884 for more information about Bridget House.